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About our wholesale business

We have been in business for more than 120 years, ever building
our dreams from a kaleidoscope start!
At Suzuki Shofudo, we make the most of our packaging know-how to develop more and more paper goods.
We pride ourselves on our well-versed hand skills that enable intricate production
as well as the way we pursue Kyoto quality, in order to make reliable products
that can be sold to stores and corporations across Japan and overseas.
Please take a look at our collection of goods.

Our goods

The following are just some of the goods we handle.

Nesting BOX

One among our most popular items, just like its name the three layers can be nested in each other compactly and conveniently, highly recommended for souvenirs and presents. (Russian doll style)

Square plate

Made from our most popular Japanese traditional deep-dyeing paper, this water resistant plate is good to serve dry foods like cookies and candies, as well as recommended to be used as a Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement plate. You may use a wet towel to gently wipe to clean the dish, do not wash it with water.

Accessories case

You can put name seal , or other  accessories like hair pin, lipsticks in this compact cool case.

Kyoto traditional paper ball point pen

The colorful design and the comfortable warm feeling when holding make these paper ball point  pen one of the most popular items, highly recommended as presents.

Japan origami(with PP)

This new lineup presents a full collection Japanese origami national characteristics as well as characteristics of the rituals cute tricks! Certainly folded origami, as note paper, stickers can also fight. 47 prefectures, one each pattern plus a homemade random patterns There are 48 patterns. There are sisters of goods with the Notes note paper and stickers Oh!

Pen holder

It is a penholder two-tiered. Stage of the top pen stand, in the glove compartment, such as the stage of the lower clip and eraser-stamp. You can use it also in glasses and remote control stand in addition to the pen. It is also possible to increase the stage in conjunction with Wappa sold separately.

As our goods are handmade and use materials that are limited in numbers, the production season and the delivery period of goods varies.
So, please contact us in advance.

Suzuki Shofudo shop

In the shop, you can experience a paper original goodness I look at the paper miscellaneous goods. A number of samples in the showroom you can see pick up. In addition, because there in the middle of Kyoto, together with tourism and other requirements have been with your deviation serving location.


The photo show how soybean is mashed to make soybean milk (gojiru), which would help to keep color pigment stay steady on materials . This Japanese  old traditional dyeing method, called Kyoyuzen has been used in Japanese Kimono dyeing and then applied in Japanese traditional paper dyeing.The dyeing pattern is starched in sequence , then the color pigment soybean milk is poured in to dye. The starched part is then cleaned, leaving the dyeing color stay fresh and firm.Suzuki Shofudo presents you Japanese souvenirs finely  made with this traditional dyeing paper.


Please feel free to contact us with any detailed inquiries about our wholesale business and/or the goods we handle.
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